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Some Comments about Laugment

  • "It works like I think."
  • “The way terms are interrelated makes an intuitive sort of sense to me.”
  • "I just learned more in 20 minutes than I did in a week of Googling."
  • “A KM treasure.”
  • "Quite amazing! Better than [two well known large legal publishers' flagship products]."
  • “Should definitely be considered as a basic tool in your firm arsenal.”
  • "You're doing cutting-edge thinking."
  • "Easier than [a large legal publisher's flagship product]. It's a lawyer's brain."
  • "I've never seen anything like it."
  • "The augmentation angle is awesome."
  • "A more realistic way to improve lawyering compared to legal artificial intelligence."
  • "Very different than Google. You'd never find these relationships."
  • “Every lawyer should have this. It’s like having a whole law firm to consult with!”

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