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We wanted a simple illustration, not something obscure. So we went with sales.

What are some of the terms Laugment knows about sales?

The terms we show below are nothing more than the tip of the tip of the iceberg in Laugment - a sampling from Laugment's collection of terms that contain the word sales or semantic variants, in this case, sale, saleable, salesman, sell, sellable, seller, selling, sells, and sold. The entire Laugment network currently consists of 416,735 terms connected by 1,774,283 "smart" relationships.

In the working version of Laugment, each of these terms has its own network of related terms, and the nature of the relationship to each related term is specifically identified.

You can imagine that many of the related terms in an intentionally constructed intellectual network do not have to have the word "sales" at all.

In the working version of Laugment, a click on any of the terms shown below will take you to the individual term's related terms. An individual term can have a few related terms or hundreds, depending on how central it is to life, business, government, law and law practice.

Next, you can view all of that new term's related terms, and navigate freely in, around, and through the vast collection of terms that lies at the core of Laugment.

Any term may have a note or annotation. A term may have associated resources. Users can change the way they look at terms and how much associated information will be displayed about them.

Any term, or even any few letters, can be used as a search term to search the term network to generate a list of terms containing it, as has been done below for "sales."

Any term can be added to Laugment's brainbank with a click. Any term may be used to generate a tailored search assistant grid that lets you explore the near and far reaches of the Internet in a structured, intentional way that you devise given your term and your goal.

And rest assured that if Laugment knows a lot about sales, it knows a lot about other terms and topics that have great commercial and utilitarian value.

Note: Remember, this depiction below is intentionally stripped of all the additional features and powers of Laugment in its working form. The terms below won't "do" anything except to illustrate how you can quickly assess the sales "landscape" in a few seconds in an entirely different, more comprehensible, more comprehensive way than one could ever do in a search engine.

The goal of the working Laugment service is a lot more ambitious: to serve as thinking architecture that can refresh your own memory, spark new thoughts, stimulate your curiosity, and send you on your way to diagnosing, planning, or strategizing your legal problem or situation.

Irish sales subsidiary
LLC buy-sell agreement
ability to sell
abusive short selling
acceptable selling price
advertising sales contract
aggregate net sales
agreement for sale
agreement to sell
agrees to sell
agricultural land sale
all cash sale
all sales final
annul a sale
apparel sales representative
approve a sale
arm's length sale
asset sale agreement
authority to sell
authorized to sell
average selling price
bankruptcy asset sale
bargain and sale
bargained and sold
below market sale
bill of sale
bona fide sale
bond sale expenses
bulk asset sale
bulk loan sale
bulk loans sale
bulk sale notice
bulk sale price
bulk sale proceeds
bulk sales act
bulk water sale
business opportunity seller
business sale agreement
business sale checklist
business sale cycle
buy and sell
buy sell agreement
buy-sell triggering event
capacity to sell
cash sale price
certificate of sale
chattel mortgage sale
close a sale
close out sale
coercive sales practices
collect sales tax
commissioned sales employee
comparable land sales
comparable recent sale
comparable sales method
condition of sale
conditional sale agreement
conditional sales contract
conditions of sale
confidential sales information
confirmation of sale
consent of seller
consent to sale
consignment sale agreement
consumer credit sale
contingent sales transaction
contract for sale
contract of sale
contract to sell
costs of sale
county sales tax
court supervised sale
credit sale contract
creditors' committee sale
customer list sale
deceptive sales pitch
decision to sell
decree of sale
dedicated sales tax
deed of sale
deemed asset sale
defective foreclosure sale
deferred sales charge
delay a sale
delivered to seller
desperate to sell
digital first sale
direct sales model
direct sales retailer
direct selling industry
direct selling model
disguised conditional sale
distressed asset sale
domestic sales corporation
due on sale
eager to sell
easy to sell
effect a sale
employed to sell
enjoin the sale
equine sale agreement
estate sale conductor
ethical sales practices
exclusive sales agency
exclusive sales agreement
exclusive sales representative
export sales agent
export sales agreement
failure to sell
fair saleable value
farm auction sale
farm land sale
fast talking salesman
feasibility of selling
fire sale clause
fire sale price
first commercial sale
first sale defense
first sale doctrine
first sale rule
follow up sale
for sale sign
force a sale
forced sale clause
forced to sell
foreclosure sale date
foreign sales agent
foreign sales corporation
foreign sales royalty
former sales representative
fraudulent sales practices
freewheeling sales culture
gain on sale
garage sale sign
garage sale value
gas sales agreement
general sales manager
geographic sales territory
going concern sale
gross annual sales
gross selling price
had to sell
hard to sell
have to sell
held for sale
high pressure sales
home sale contingency
home solicitation sale
how to sell
illegal gun sale
impediment to sale
in park sale
in person sales
incentive to sell
independent sales organization
independent sales representative
inflated sale price
inflated sales projection
infringing saleable component
initial authorized sale
inside sales representative
insider stock sale
installment sale contract
installment sale payment
installment sale transaction
installment sale trust
installment sales act
insurance sales practices
intent to sell
international sales agent
international sales agreement
interstate land sales
joint sales agreement
joint selling alliance
judgment execution sale
justice for sale
land sale contract
land sales act
land sales practices
law of sales
law practice sale
leave to sell
license to sell
lien foreclosure sale
list for sale
listed for sale
loan portfolio sale
loan sale agreement
local sales tax
long sales cycle
loss on sale
lost future sales
lost sales revenue
low margin sale
make a sale
mechanic's lien sale
mere buyer-seller relationship
merger post-consummation sale
minimum sales requirement
monthly sales goal
monthly sales quota
monthly sales report
mortgage foreclosure sale
mortgage short sale
motion to sell
motor vehicle sale
must vacate sale
naked short selling
national sales manager
need to sell
net sale proceeds
net sales price
noncollusive foreclosure sale
noncompliant foreclosure sale
not for sale
not sold on
notice of sale
nullify a sale
occasional sale exemption
offer and sale
offer for sale
offer to sell
offered for sale
offering for sale
on sale bar
online auction sale
online sales taxation
option to sell
oral sales presentation
order approving sale
order authorizing sale
order confirming sale
order directing sale
order for sale
order of sale
order to sell
outside sales employee
outside sales exemption
outside sales representative
overdue sales taxes
overzealous sales tactics
partition by sale
pass on sale
patent sale agreement
pattern of sales
pattern of selling
percent of sale
percentage of sales
permission to sell
personal property sale
personal property seller
petition to sell
pharmaceutical sales representative
plan to sell
point of sale

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