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We wanted a simple illustration, not something obscure. So we went with man's best friend (most of the time).

What are some of the terms Laugment knows about dogs?

The terms we show below are nothing more than the tip of the tip of the iceberg in Laugment - a collection of terms that contain the word dog or semantic variants, in this case, dogged and canine. The entire Laugment network currently consists of 416,735 terms connected by 1,774,283 "smart" relationships.

In the working version of Laugment, each of these terms has its own network of related terms, and the nature of the relationship to each related term is specifically identified.

You can imagine that many of the related terms in an intentionally constructed intellectual network do not have to have the word "dog" at all. For example, a dog is a "pet" and Laugment knows that, among other things.

To get a little more legalistic, it also knows that a dog is "tangible personal property", "bites" and might have "rabies" along with many, many more aspects of dogs and how they are used, classified, labeled and regulated by people and their legal institutions.

In the working version of Laugment, a click on any of the terms shown below will take you to the individual term's related terms. An individual term can have a few related terms or hundreds, depending on how central it is to life, business, government, law and law practice.

Next, you can view all of that new term's related terms, and navigate freely in, around, and through the vast collection of terms that lies at the core of Laugment.

Any term may have a note or annotation. A term may have associated resources. Users can change the way they look at terms and how much associated information will be displayed about them.

Any term, or even any few letters, can be used as a search term to search the term network to generate a list of all terms containing it, as has been done below for "dog."

Any term can be added to Laugment's brainbank with a click. Any term may be used to generate a tailored search assistant grid that lets you explore the near and far reaches of the Internet in a structured, intentional way that you devise given your term and your goal.

And rest assured that if Laugment knows a lot about dogs, it knows a lot about terms and topics that have far greater commercial and utilitarian value.

Note: Remember, this depiction below is intentionally stripped of all the additional features and powers of Laugment in its working form. The terms below won't "do" anything except to illustrate how you can quickly assess the dog "landscape" in a few seconds in an entirely different, more comprehensible, more comprehensive way than one could ever do in a search engine.

The goal of the working Laugment service is a lot more ambitious: to serve as thinking architecture that can refresh your own memory, spark new thoughts, stimulate your curiosity, and send you on your way to diagnosing, planning, or strategizing your legal problem or situation.

absolute dog owner liability
absolute strict dog owner liability
accidentally stepping on a dog
admissibility of dog sniff evidence
aggressive dog
aggressive dog bite
arson dog
assaulting a public safety dog
assurance that a dog does not bite
attack dog
attacked by a dog
autism service dog
barking dog
beware of dog
beware of dog sign
big dog
big dog client
bird dog
bitten by a dog
burglar injured by a dog
cadaver dog
canine attack
canine forensic investigation
canine inspection
canine officer
canine sniff
canine tracking evidence
caused by a dog
chain of events set in motion by a dog
chased by a dog
damages for loss of a dog
dangerous dog
dangerous dog appeal
designer dog industry
detector dog
distraction caused by a dog
dog and pony
dog and pony show
dog at large
dog attack
dog barking
dog behavior
dog bite
dog bite exclusion
dog bite liability
dog bite statute
dog boarding
dog boarding agreement
dog breed
dog breeder
dog custody
dog eat dog
dog eat dog business
dog eat dog economy
dog eat dog environment
dog eat dog industry
dog fight
dog house
dog impounding
dog in the fight
dog injury
dog kennel
dog liability exclusion
dog license
dog mauling
dog owner
dog owner liability
dog owner liability statute
dog park
dog racing
dog running at large
dog scent discrimination lineup
dog scent lineup
dog search
dog shooting
dog sitter
dog sniff
dog sniff conducted after completion of a traffic stop
dog sniff evidence
dog sniff warrant
dog tax
dog tracking
dog whistle
dog whistle politics
dog without a rabies shot
dog's affirmative conduct
dog's credibility
dog's past good behavior
driver distraction caused by a dog
drug detection dog
drug dog
drug dog search
drug sniffing dog
emotional support dog
emotional tail wags the rational dog
escaping from a dog
excite a dog
executive protection dog
failure of a person injured by a dog to act peaceably in a place where the person may lawfully be
failure to properly confine a dangerous dog
failure to register a dangerous dog
farm dog
fatal dog bite
ferocious dog
free running dog
growling dog
guard dog
guide dog
gun sniffing dog
habitual dog barking
harboring a dog
home guarded by a dog
howling dog
hunting dog
impound a dog
in the dog house
injured attempting to rescue one's dog
injured attempting to rescue one's dog from a dog attack
injured by a dog
injured when a dog ran into the road
injured while being chased by a dog
injured while escaping from a dog
junkyard dog
keeping a dog
like a dog
mad dog
narcotics dog
neighbor's dog
nervous dog
no reason to believe a dog was dangerous
non-attacking dog behavior
owner of a dog
paid attack dog
petting a dog
phone sniffing dog
police dog
potentially dangerous dog
prohibited dog breed
prohibited dog breed policy
protection dog
provocation of a dog
provoke a dog
psychiatric service dog
public safety dog
rabid dog
registered dog
registered owner of a dog
sale of a registered dog
search and rescue dog
seeing eye dog
service dog
shoot a dog
show dog
signal dog
stepping on a dog
stimulate a dog
stray dog
strict dog owner liability
tail that wags the dog
tax law tail does not wag the property law dog
tenant's dog
territorial dog bite
that dog won't hunt
therapy dog
top dog
trained dog
unauthorized entry into a home guarded by a dog
uncontrolled dog
unjustified use of a police dog
unleashed dog
unlicensed dog
unprovoked dog bite
use of a police dog
use of a police dog to sniff
vicious dog
work like a dog
yellow dog
yellow dog contract

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